Our Values

At Emanate Technology we live and breathe our core values in the way we work with our clients, candidates, colleagues and the local community.

Words that read: Challenge and surpass expectations

We understand our sector and provide valued insights and introductions to job seekers and employers. Working to the highest recruitment and selection standards we always seek to challenge and surpass expectations.

Caption reads: Enjoyment over egos

Our culture has always been positive, respectful and safe, enabling fun without fear. Our values and team first ethos are reflected throughout and we don’t take ourselves too seriously – we prefer enjoyment over egos.

Captions reads: Working together as partners

We prefer to collaborate with authentic and ethical clients, candidates, colleagues and those within the local community. Our success comes from building trust, taking a longer term perspective and working together as Partners.

Captions reads: Always do the right thing

We work within a clear and consistent framework which is trustworthy, transparent and ethical and where we “do what we say we are going to do”. Our goal is to always do the right thing.

Caption reads: Learn, grow and be accountable

We believe a “thirst to learn and develop” is essential to the craft of recruitment, no matter the experience level. Being accountable, we take responsibility for our actions and “find a way to make it happen”, always ethically, to support our internal and external stakeholders to the highest standards possible.

Candidates are the lifeblood of our business, without them there are no clients.