Why Emanate Technology Should be Your Next Career Move

Why Emanate Technology Should be Your Next Career Move

As a recruiter, I spend every day matching candidates with their dream roles. However, it wasn’t that long ago that I was on the other side of the hiring process, having been headhunted from my previous role as a recruiter for one of the biggest recruitment companies in the world. The shoe was on the other foot, and I was the candidate looking for the next career step.

During the process of looking for a new recruitment role, what struck me most was how similar all of the interviews were. I’d go in to meet teams and they would launch straight into a big pitch about the company what they could offer me in terms of earning capacity and client databases. When I met with Heath Adcock, our Queensland Director, the first question he asked me was about what I wanted. The interview was all about me – finding out what I was looking to achieve and what motivated me. And that really stood out.

I accepted the role at Emanate Technology and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. For anyone looking for a chance to really take control of their recruitment career and make the most of the many opportunities in the Brisbane tech recruitment market, you can’t do better than the Emanate Technology team.

A Different Perspective

Once I decided it was time for a change, one of the biggest things I was looking for in my next role was a really good mentor. In my previous company, I had learned the ins and outs of the role, the industry and the Brisbane market. What I wanted next was someone I could work really closely with and learn from.

When I met Heath I knew straight away that he would be that mentor. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and a great reputation, so I was certain he could impart a lot of knowledge and help me to develop my skills in recruitment.

Another important factor in my job search was culture. Some of the recruitment agencies I met with had a real “work hard, party hard” culture which, while it may work for some, I felt was not the right fit for me. With Heath, it’s about getting the job done and working hard but also enjoying your time at work. There’s always time for a chat or a bit of banter, and at the same time, everyone is really focussed on bettering themselves.

KPIs also aren’t as big a focus at Emanate Technology as they are at other recruitment agencies. Yes, they are important in terms of delivering your targets but it’s more important to prioritise quality over quantity. This approach allows me to focus on building enduring relationships with my clients and candidates, while also putting in the time it takes to get the best result for all parties. At the end of the day, this means so much more than the numbers.

Exciting Challenges Ahead

It’s such a great time to be working in IT, in recruitment and in Brisbane. Brisbane is now the start-up capital of Australia and while the market still might not be as big as Sydney or Melbourne, it is really taking off. We regularly see clients come to us with projects to recruit 20-30 people as they build or grow their IT function. Business is constantly ramping up and there’s a real opportunity to make your mark here.

Additionally, as we continue to grow, so does our reputation. Having come from a large organisation with an established brand, working for a smaller company is a very different experience. However, we have a fantastic client base who trust our ability to deliver and appreciate how we work in partnership throughout the hiring process – which soon gets around in this close-knit market.


We are growing constantly and there are currently opportunities to join our team in Brisbane. If you are looking to work with a recruitment company who operate differently from the rest and puts people, not numbers, at the centre of their business, get in touch.