Building Personal Brand

Three Ways to Build Personal Brand and Grow Your Tech Career

If you thought that managing your brand was something that only organisations needed to think about, then it’s time to think again. With the rise of social media, particularly across professional networking sites, you or shall we say; your brand, is always on view. Gone are the days of just crafting the perfect CV to impress potential employers – today, savvy tech professionals are flexing their brand muscle and reaping the dividends.

You don’t have to be an influencer, a leader or a household name either, cultivating your brand is about reaching the people that are important to you, engaging with them and, over time, developing a profile that will get you noticed. With that in mind, here are three quick personal branding tips to further your tech career.

YOU are your Brand

What do you want your clients, colleagues and professional contacts to think of when they hear your name? An expert? A specialist perhaps or maybe a voice for the tech industry? Whatever your end goal it’s important to be honest and ensure that the brand others see is a genuine reflection or who you are and what you value.

Set some realistic goals – it might be to increase your network, get a promotion or take a sideways step into another facet of the tech industry. Whatever it is, think about what you need to do to achieve it. Is it connecting with a particular group?  Building a network in a different region? Or sharing a project with your peers.

Once you have an understanding of how you want to be regarded and what for, it’s time to promote your brand.

Harness the Power of Social

Social media is prolific in day-to-day business and plays a key part in the recruitment process. From sourcing potential candidates, checking skills and referencing employment history, social platforms help recruiters and employers to build a picture of who you are and what kind of value you might bring as an employee. So, it’s imperative that you know exactly what they will see.

Start by checking out your digital footprint and give your online brand an honest audit. Google yourself. Are you easy to find? Are you happy with what is publicly visible? Is your LinkedIn profile up to scratch? Don’t forget the basics; an appropriate profile photo, clear and specific career detail and up-to-date information without any gaps.

It’s not just about LinkedIn though, but your other channels too. Even if they aren’t intended for professional use, they are still visible and need to stay consistent with the brand you’re trying to portray. Like we touched on before, it’s easy for anyone to find out information online, so make sure you’re in control of your privacy settings, and what’s being promoted publicly.

Network, Network, Network

Engaging within your community is also key to getting the most out of personal branding, helping to get your foot in the door to new businesses and expand opportunities.

In the online world, every comment you make, every tweet you send, and every post you share – contributes to your own personal brand. Start with the easy wins:

  • Join and contribute to relevant LinkedIn Groups, comment on discussions and share relevant content with your network to start conversations with others in the industry.
  • Follow key influencers or organisations in the IT industry to stay in touch with what they are doing.

While an online brand is essential, what you do offline is just as important and will continue to shape how others perceive your brand. Attending industry events is a great way to get you in front of more of the right people, introduce yourself to others in your area of expertise and stay on top of trends and developments. Local meetups can be great too – especially if you’re looking for something a little more informal.

Some Final Thoughts

Remember to be yourself, to be human and to engage with your audience in an authentic manner. Stay patient and keep at it – after all, nothing happens overnight. Building a personal brand is not simply a matter of set and forget, you’ll need to continually work to improve and promote it over time.

Whether you’re needing advice on boosting your personal brand or looking for the latest tech jobs, get in touch with us – we’d love to help you!