Kickstart Your Recruitment Career in Brisbane

Kickstart Your Recruitment Career in Brisbane

I remember my first day with Emanate Technology, sitting in my new office and about to start making some introductory phone calls.

Joel Hides (our founder) and I had both wanted to start a Brisbane recruitment agency that was different from the rest. We wanted to put the customer at the centre of the experience and build long-term relationships with both candidates and clients.

I decided to write a LinkedIn post announcing to my network that I was ready to go in my new role. It was something along the lines of “After 19 years, more than 8,000 candidate interviews and 6,000 client meetings, today I begin my first day of running my own recruitment business”.

The response was overwhelming, with lots of people wishing me luck and congratulating us on the new venture.

And then the phone started to ring.

Now, 18 months on, we’re already making a name for ourselves in the local technology market and are looking for new recruitment consultants to join us on the journey. If you want to kickstart your recruitment career in Brisbane, I’m thrilled to share with you some insights into what you can expect at Emanate.

Why Did I Want to Start My Own Recruitment Business?

The industry is a pretty cutthroat one and the ‘dog eat dog’ mentality of a lot of recruitment agents mean that candidates and clients can have a pretty poor view of the service they receive. There are many agents, even today, who:

    • Treat their staff like battery hens – They often make them sit at their desks for large quantities of the day, making cold calls to clients with very little training or support on how to make a quality call. If you can’t get hold of your recruiter during certain times of the day – this might be why.
    • Leadership through KPI’s – Have you made more than 100 connected calls this week? Have you sent (spammed) more than 30 CVs to clients who have no idea who you are? Have you called the same contact at your client’s business 20 times today? This is just lazy operational management that even a first-year recruiter could do. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution (see the first point on battery hen recruitment).

I decided to start my own recruitment business because I wanted the opportunity to grow and mentor those who are driven to make a rewarding career in an industry that can vastly improve. I also wanted to service businesses and candidates better – it sounds somewhat generic I know, but I think it’s important to be always looking at the long-term, not what you can win in the short term.

I decided that if I fail, I can’t blame anyone else – it took me a while to understand that I did this a lot in previous roles when I wasn’t performing. What better way to get rid of this problem than putting your own head on the chopping block? I weighed the risks and potential financial rewards, and knew I was ready!

I am building a recruitment team who:

    • Take the time to do the little things really well – Meet every candidate that you’re going to submit to a client, give relevant feedback when not a candidate is not successful, return calls and meet with candidates multiple times after you have placed them into a new role.
    • Are keen to come into a company that is open to changing the way recruitment is done and positively impacting our clients and candidates. We are a relatively new and successful business with excellent profits, so it’s time to take some chances to enhance our brand positively for our customers.
    • Don’t have the following traits – No self-obsessed, narcissistic, game-playing, ego-driven personalities. Basically, we want team players.
    • Have the ability to focus on their long-term objectives, without being nervous that one bad month or quarter will mean being put on performance management or let go.

Culture as King

Over the years, I’ve worked with some great leaders and teams. I knew when starting my own business that I wanted to focus on helping people – both my own team and clients and candidates in the IT market.

It was also really important for me that the business dealt with each stage of the recruitment process. From the initial call to the candidate to meeting and prepping them for an interview, negotiating the offer process and finally the post-placement support.

Even now, I still pitch in and help my team at every stage of the recruitment process.  

We are really big on teamwork and supporting each other, which is more important to me than hitting targets. I spend a lot of time with new consultants, showing them the ropes and teaching them the art of recruitment. I also explain the importance of acting ethically and going the extra mile.

How we work with our own team is how we work with clients and candidates. It’s about long-term relationships, adding value and bringing out the best in people. We’re looking to find people who want to stay with us for the long run, not just fill a gap.

Taking a Personal Interest

Interviewing each and every candidate before putting them forward to a client is standard for us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-week contract or an executive role. This is not something that our industry does very often, but for us, it’s essential.

In some cases, it has even worked against us initially because clients are used to the same old process where CVs are flicked across to them with very little personal contact or thought. For me, that’s not what we’re paid to do. I’d rather not take those short cuts and reap the long-term benefits that come when you build relationships with your candidates and clients. We’ve seen so many clients adapt to our way of doing things, after realising our team have the experience and knowledge of the market to provide frank advice.

Recruitment should be all about people, and that comes with some challenging conversations. Mutual respect, open and honest communication and enduring relationships are the best way to get through those difficult moments. In the end, we know we’ll be able to find a solution that works for everyone.

The Place to Be

Brisbane is such an exciting place to be at the moment, especially in technology recruitment. There are so many startups in this space and we often see elements of ourselves in – some of our clients who are going through the initial startup hiccups. We only opened 18 months ago, but we’re growing quickly and cementing our reputation in the marketplace.

There’s an opportunity here to be part of a thriving new business that will offer great prospects in the long run. Joel and I have so many plans for the future of Emanate Technology and we’re looking for a team to join us on that journey.

If you’d like to chat about a recruitment job with Emanate or learn more about our approach, please connect with our team or email me at to start the conversation.