How to Write a Stand-Out Tech CV

While demand for technology specialists in Australia is high and continues to rise, so too does the number of professionals competing for the best job opportunities. In these uncertain times ahead, competition for new career opportunities is likely to intensify so it is important that your CV stands out from the crowd.  Make the most of this time by committing time to write a stand-out CV that not only displays your technical abilities but also highlights your soft skills can make all the difference in setting you apart from the competition.

Here are three essential elements when writing your CV to ensure you are recognised in today’s highly competitive IT market.

Start with Structure

No matter your level of technical expertise, your CV should be easy to decipher. It should be informative, easy to digest and shouldn’t read like a list of software, programming languages and technical jargon. It could be that the first person to see your CV isn’t a tech specialist.

Some initial, basic advice is to use a simple, coherent structure with headings and bullet points where appropriate.

On top of that, follow the below guide to write a CV that highlights your key information and gives readers a clear indication of your skills:

1. Start with an introductory profile that highlights your core experience, focussing on aspects that are relevant to your desired role.

E.g. “Competent Cloud Engineer with around 10 years of experience implementing cloud technology solutions and managing storage architecture within large multinational organisations.”

2. Follow your intro with a list of core skills and key strengths to give the reader an idea of your value.

E.g. “Proficient in a range of programming languages including HTML, C++ and Python.”

3. Detail your past IT roles and projects in a concise, bullet-pointed list for ease of readability, with a particular focus on achievements.

E.g. “Successfully delivered a complex network software upgrade for the business, promptly troubleshooting issues and monitoring performance to ensure a smooth workflow.”

Remember to keep your CV updated with your most recent accomplishments – and don’t forget to proofread for spelling and grammar!

Tailor Your Resumé for the Role

One of the best pieces of CV advice is to tailor your resumé for each individual job you are applying for. Refer to the specifics of the job description and think of your CV as the “solution” to the employer’s “problem”. Emphasise the skills and keywords used in the job advert to demonstrate your attentiveness and suitability to the role, as well as any relevant achievements and soft skills.

You can further highlight your strengths by explaining how you have used your skills in past and current projects. By providing real-life examples and concrete results, your CV will make the greatest impact. For example, saying “Within six months increased the software development team’s throughput by 70%,” is going to be a lot more effective on a CV than simply saying “Demonstrated strong time-management and problem-solving skills.”

It’s Not All About IT

When writing a tech CV, it is essential to remember that in today’s market, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates that can demonstrate more than just technical expertise. Highlighting soft skills is increasingly important for tech specialists wanting their CV to stand out, particularly when applying for management roles.

Provide definite examples of times when you engaged in stakeholder management, demonstrated strong leadership skills or used problem-solving to fix a difficult workplace situation. Additionally, a bit of enthusiasm goes a long way in a job application, so don’t forget to highlight your passion for tech by noting any relevant hobbies, personal projects or professional development you have pursued outside of work.


Your CV is your first and most significant opportunity to make a lasting impression on a prospective employer. By following our tips for writing a tech CV, you are sure to create an exceptional resumé that stands out from other applicants and increases the likelihood you will progress in the hiring process.

We have created a CV template to get you started – Click here to download.

Engaging a tech recruitment professional can help elevate your application (and career) to new heights. To discuss your IT job search or for more CV tips, contact us today at Emanate Technology.