Tom Michael

Canberra Project Services Market Update

Business focused skill sets remain a vital part of any ICT program, particularly within those government departments that are frantically trying to deliver the many facets of our COVID-19 response. As you’d expect, core government portfolio’s such as Health & Human Services, Home Affairs, DFAT, and Tax/Treasury, among others, all play a key role in ensuring that Australian Citizens are provided with the services required to deal with this pandemic. With any stimulus or change in policy, there is generally a change in technology and business process underpinning it. It is for this reason that its been ‘so far so good’ in Canberra and we’ve generally seen stability shown by both our Fed Gov and consulting & services clients.

The new requirements coming in has dropped however the overall pragmatic and positive approach by government has seen very little effect to the current contractor workforce, with some departments moving swiftly to proactively reassure contractors that they will be extended beyond June 30.

Projects Management, Business Analysis and Change Management, often runs in more of an agile framework these days, which has seen a number of people in this space being asked to manage and facilitate a monumental shift in the way projects are run remotely, increasing the usage of tools like Jira, Github and collaboration technologies. Agile development teams can run remotely, however a shift in thinking and strong leadership is required.  

Change management and communications has been busy with departments ensuing a strong mind-set change that COVID-19 has brought. Ensuring everybody is comfortable and engaged in these strange times is vitally important.

After an unprecedented month, speaking with clients and candidates in my vertical fills me with optimism and confidence going forward. It’s becoming more vital that candidates in the Project Services vertical continue to evolve their skillsets and remain agile in adapting to all areas of change and transition within ICT. Everyone has done a cracking job with the way they have adjusted and ‘post corona’ I’m sure projects in Fed Gov and private enterprise will benefit from the current crisis, as the future way of work has been somewhat fast-tracked. With the Canberra market being highly public sector dominated, it is comparatively a good market to be in during this uncertain economic climate.

If you’re at all in the market to hire, or considering your own career options, please get in touch for a virtual coffee and chat about what’s happening across town.