Brisbane IT Project Services Market Update

It is clear that the Coronavirus is having a major effect on the way people work within the IT Project Services space in Brisbane. 

There are a significant number of organisations that for the first time are leading their projects completely offsite, with all face-to-face meetings, including daily stand-ups being conducted virtually.  Without face-to-face contact, there has been greater emphasis on the need for thorough documentation and a renewed focus on ensuring meet-ups by video conference are more regular, rather than constant emailing.  Organisations with large BAU teams have been increasingly looking at their permanent employees to assist in the delivery of their critical projects in order to retain these staff.

My clients are adjusting to working from home, and we are doing the same here at Emanate Technology. The feedback from many of my client meetings over the past few weeks is that using video conferencing for meetings and interviewing is just as effective as face-to-face meetings. These clients have told me that this will be a positive change in the future as there won’t be as much necessity to fly from location to location for meetings. Staff are going to be working from home and projects can still continue, so this reduces the travel costs within companies quite significantly.  In addition, organisations will improve the ability of their staff to work with other people in remote locations and interstate, which will also improve the collaboration between teams within organisations with more than one location.

The organisations that are set up to onboard new staff and allow them to work remotely have an advantage and will therefore be well placed to continue to hire exceptional talent.  This will enable those organisations to emerge from the other side of this crisis in a stronger position compared with their competitors.

Currently, I am focusing on contacting current and new clients as well as candidates that are newly on the market. It is important that we are keeping in touch and changing our approach to how we are communicating. I am using Microsoft Teams to video conference with my new and existing clients and candidates and I have had some great feedback on using this form of communication.

For candidates, it is a great time to reach out so we can understand the type of role you are looking for.  This will enable us to be ready to go to represent you to one of our clients as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

If you’re at all in the market to hire, or considering your own career options, please get in touch for a virtual coffee and chat about what’s happening across town.