Jessica King

Brisbane IT Security Market Update

COVID-19 is set to strengthen the Security Market in Queensland.

While the world is struggling with COVID-19’s spread, and many cybercriminals are profiting from people’s fears, we are already seeing major changes in the way businesses operate , changes that will most likely have an impact long after this situation is over and we all return to our normal lives. It is safe to assume that the cyber security world will face long term effects as well. What will they be, and how can we prepare ourselves in the Cyber industry?

After speaking with several CISO’s in the Brisbane market, Cyber Security recruitment is now at an all-time high. Now with the majority of Australia working from home clients and candidates are now adjusting to this new way of working. With almost 90% of our clients now transitioning into working from home the biggest concern for CISOs and other security professionals is that they now increase their Security. How did you find the transition into working from home?

The uncertainty of COVID -19 has also put a negative spin on some areas of recruitment with many professionals losing their jobs and being put off work, therefore we are now working with an influx of skilled cyber professionals immediately available for their next role.  With the organisations yet to onboard staff remotely some hires are now being delayed or on hold indefinitely however Infrastructure and security recruitment has increased with multiple helpdesk support roles and Cyber Security roles becoming available.

Video Conference calls has now become the new norm, proving to be as effective as face to face meetings. At Emanate Technology we are now using Microsoft teams to keep in contact with our team, clients and of course candidates. Interview processes are now being completed over video calls and this has proven to be very positive for most organisations. What is your organisation doing to keep in contact with your team?

Speaking to many candidates our results have varied. Some feel it has been somewhat negative with distractions such has home-schooling children however many have found it very positive, cutting travel time to and from the office, cutting travel costs and improving the ability to keep in touch with their teams Australia wide via video calls.

The uncertainty of COVID 19 provides risk and concern to many professionals. How long will we be working from home for? Will you have a job at the end of this? We now play a part in consulting candidates and clients ensuring we will get through COVID 19 providing insight into the current market and how our clients are currently coping. We’re ensuring we’re keeping in contact with our current clients and candidates but also opening our doors and building new relationships during this challenging time. It is a great time to reach out, as we move forward together in discussing your next opportunity.

If you’re at all in the market to hire, or considering your own career options, please get in touch for a virtual coffee and chat about what’s happening across town.