About Us

Emanate Technology represents opportunity on multiple levels, for our clients, candidates and our own valued employees.

We’re not a transactional recruitment firm. In a highly competitive talent market it’s near impossible for us to perform at a high level with clients that choose to keep us at arms-length. We like to work with clients that see the value in the service we provide and are prepared to partner with us in attracting and securing the best available recruits.

Candidates are the lifeblood of our business, without them, there are no clients. At Emanate Technology we take the time to understand our candidates’ skills and motivations, coaching them throughout the recruitment process to best prepare them for a successful outcome.

We may not write code, but we are expert recruiters and the high calibre specialists you want by your side throughout your tech career.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and integrity but don’t underestimate the need to have fun in our dealings with clients and candidates – it’s part of our personality.

The Vision

Emanate Technology will be integral to organisations and careers. A partner that is sought after for proven delivery and expert advice.

The Mission

Quality Obsessed.

See What People Are Saying

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    These are just a snapshot of our reviews, read more about what our clients and candidates say about us on Sourcr.

    The Team

    Emanate Technology is committed to providing a best in market service through a thorough and people focused process.



    Joel Hides

    Founder & CEO

    Karl White

    Commercial Director
    Rob Millington

    Rob Millington

    National Managing Director
    Lechée De Chavez

    Lechée De Chavez

    Marketing Director

    Michael Bree

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jason Bird

    National Manager Recruitment Operations

    Angela Mak

    Recruitment Operations Coordinator
    Lisa Circle

    Lisa Villella

    Contractor Care Consultant

    Chris Tysoe

    Graphic Designer
    Nickie Aslanis

    Nickie Aslanis

    Operations Officer



    Peter Cross

    Director (SA) Software Development

    Regan Fathers

    Consultant (SA) Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure



    Philippa Willis

    State Director (QLD) Project Services
    Untitled design (37)

    Will Davies

    Senior Consultant (QLD) Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure

    Amy Watson

    Senior Consultant (QLD) Project Services

    Jimmy Downey

    Senior Consultant (QLD) Digital, Data & Analytics
    Angus Sturt-Bray

    Angus Sturt-Bray

    Senior Consultant (QLD) Project Services



    Heidi Nuttall

    Director - PMO, Data & Digital (ACT) Project Services

    Morgan Bell

    Principal Consultant (ACT) Software, Data & Applications
    Cia Krinas Profile Picture

    Cia Krinas

    Consultant (ACT) Digital & Product

    Alaa Samsam

    Consultant (ACT)Cloud & DevOps

    Evie Martin

    Consultant (ACT)Technology Sales
    riley kelly2

    Riley Kelly

    Senior Talent Consultant (ACT)Infrastructure & Support
    Elly Chan

    Elly Chan

    Senior Talent Consultant (ACT) Project Services

    Mal Konfu

    Talent Consultant (ACT) Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure


    Jack O’Sullivan

    Jack O’Sullivan

    Principal Consultant (VIC)Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure
    Grace Dennis

    Grace Dennis

    Senior Consultant (VIC)Software, Data & Analytics
    Calum Batey Photo

    Calum Batey

    Consultant (VIC)Project Services

    Working for us

    What can you expect working for Emanate Technology?

    • A fun, flexible and trusting working environment
    • State of the art cloud based recruitment software meaning you don’t need to be in the office to perform your role
    • Highly attractive commission plan designed to reward high performance
    • Extra leave entitlements – including family day, holi ‘birthday’ and increased leave for tenure

    • Regular training and development sessions
    • Access to all the online sourcing tools to stay ahead of the game
    • Monthly & Quarterly incentives for high performers

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Celebrating our differences makes our team a success.

    We know diversity and inclusion are essential components for a thriving and successful team. Each person brings unique perspectives, experiences, and skills that are valuable and they contribute to our growth and success. We support and encourage our teams to bring their true selves to work. We celebrate our differences and incorporate them into our everyday so that our staff, our candidates and our clients always feel comfortable and confident in working with us. We don’t discriminate, we don’t exclude and we don’t tolerate negative behaviour towards others.