Protective Security Incident Management Analyst


Protective Security Incident Management Analyst

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Are you looking for your next step in the protective security world? Are you interested in working for a meaningful Department in Canberra? This could be the opportunity for you! 


This role is part of the Protective Security Operations Section within the department. The PSOS plays a crucial role in managing security arrangements daily and provides comprehensive advice on risk, policy, and governance to manage security risk and practises effectively.
You will be expected to work closely with key internal and external stakeholders, review existing controls and assess current arrangements, provide uplift recommendations, develop security incident management plans and SOPs, and assist with security exercises.

The role

  • Develop, in line with best practise, security incident management plans, an incident management “plan on a page”, and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Prepare various security incident templates (Summary plan, communication, and lessons learned).
  • Create a Senior Executive response plan and an engagement and sponsorship model.
  • Develop maturity modelling pathways and comprehensive training packages.
  • Perform other services as needed to support the section.

Skills and experience are required

  • Proven experience as a security incident manager (excluding cyber incidents).
  • Strong knowledge of security risk and practises in risk management.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Ability to develop and implement effective security policies and procedures.
  • Must hold an active AGSVA clearance, minimum of a baseline

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