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Emanate Technology has been engaged by a small specialised Federal Government department seeking an experienced contractor to provide subject matter expertise, technical support, and guidance on Microsoft 365, enabling optimised productivity and efficient utilisation of the platform.

Our client manages a large volume of corporate and operational information, which is constantly increasing, varies in importance and is subject to treatment dictated by legislation.

The role:

The Specified Personnel will work under the broad direction of Assistant Director, Knowledge Management, and will take full accountability for planning and executing work, ensuring timely and successful delivery.
Responsibilities include:

  •  Creating and implementing comprehensive templates for various work types, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity.
  •  Conducting audits of existing content and proactively decommissioning redundant or outdated sites, ensuring the optimisation and relevance of information across the M365 environment.
  •  Establishing standardised practices for M365 resources, encompassing Groups, Teams, and Sites, to promote consistency, collaboration, and seamless integration within the Digital Workspace.
  •  Collaborating closely with Enterprise Architecture and Technology Operations teams to align the M365 ecosystem within the requirements and government regulations, ensuring compliance and adherence to all relevant standards and guidelines.
  •  Documenting knowledge base articles and facilitating effective communication channels to ensure timely dissemination of changes, updates, and best practices related to the M365 ecosystem, empowering users and supporting roles with accurate information and promoting seamless adoption.
  •  Providing comprehensive assistance with level 2 end user support, promptly addressing and resolving technical issues and inquiries related to the M365 ecosystem, ensuring a seamless user experience and maximising productivity for all stakeholders.
  • Contributing valuable input in licensing decisions, documenting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and actively participating in continuous improvement initiatives to enhance SLA performance, ensuring optimal utilisation of resources and meeting or exceeding staff expectations within the M365 environment.
  • Taking responsibility for the maintenance and management of third-party tools, such as PnP Webparts, within the M365 ecosystem, ensuring their smooth operation, compatibility, and adherence to security standards, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and staff experience

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