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Do you thrive on safeguarding critical information systems? Does detecting and neutralising threats make your day? We are currently looking for an experienced Senior Cyber Security Analyst to enhance the strength and maturity of the Cyber Operations team.

As a Senior Cyber Security Analyst, you will utilise your well-honed skills and vast experience in security operations. You’ll spearhead our detection engineering, help improve our incident response capabilities, and mentor the Cyber Security Analysts.

Key Functions:

  • Conceive, document, and put into action bespoke detection and alerting use cases, designed to cater to our IT environment and threat model.
  • Employ Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel to instigate and refine custom detections and analytics rules.
  • Create knowledge articles, playbooks, and procedures to bolster incident response initiatives.
  • Collaborate with security engineers, infrastructure teams, system owners, and application development teams to devise system-specific security monitoring strategies.
  • Determine team priorities, including the implementation of toolsets and the intake of log sources, to boost efficiency.
  • Conduct major and critical incident response investigations.
  • Manage escalated and complex security alerts and incidents.
  • Guide and mentor other Cyber Security Analysts in the team.
  • Lend support and offer advice to the Director, Cyber Operations and Executives as necessary.

Within the role, we are expecting you have the following skills: 

  • Proven experience as a Senior Cyber Security Analyst within a Security Operations Centre, inclusive of detection engineering and incident response responsibilities.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Sentinel and Defender products, especially in handling alerts, incidents, and developing custom detections and analytics rules.
  • Experience working with and investigating security logs from various platforms and devices.
  • A track record of elevating the maturity of a SOC.

Ideally hold the following: 

  1. Experience in conducting incident response simulations.
  2. Experience using threat intelligence services and tools to inform detection engineering and enrich alerts and incidents.

The team are the frontline, defending against cyber threats that can potentially impact the organisation and the services they deliver. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding role where you can make a difference, we want to hear from you. APPLY NOW!