Azure Platform Engineer


Azure Platform Engineer

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Our Client Overview: Our client is a leading technical services provider specializing in digital transformation and technical support, operating at Lot Fourteen in South Australia. They promote a collaborative culture focused on continuous innovation and exceptional outcomes.

Position Description:
As an Azure Platform Engineer, you will design, deploy, and manage Azure infrastructure to maximize performance, security, and cost-efficiency. The role demands a strong grasp of Azure technologies and involves working closely with clients.


  • Design and manage Azure infrastructure including VMs, networks, and storage.
  • Evaluate and integrate emerging cloud technologies and trends.
  • Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools for resource management.
  • Implement security measures and compliance policies across Azure services.
  • Develop automation scripts to enhance system management.
  • Oversee Azure-based backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Solve complex technical issues creatively and effectively.

Skills and Capabilities:

  • Experienced in Azure infrastructure, networking, and security management.
  • Proficient in scripting and automation with tools like PowerShell, Python, and Ansible.
  • Strong knowledge of Azure monitoring and disaster recovery tools.
  • Effective communication skills, able to work well with various teams and stakeholders.
  • Strategic thinker with excellent problem-solving skills.

Desired Certifications:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Measures for Success:

  • Improved system uptime and infrastructure cost efficiency.
  • Ensured adherence to security standards and positive client feedback on performance.