Building Bonds Through Basketball

A shared love of basketball and commitment to the local community are at the heart of a three-year partnership between a Canberra-based IT recruitment company and one of the largest basketball clubs in the ACT.

As Principal Partner of the Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club, Emanate Technology will not only support the growth and development of local basketball but create opportunities beyond the court.

Emanate’s sponsorship will include an annual scholarship for a female Rats player who is undertaking study or training in information technology. It will also work with the Rats to explore ways of enhancing IT literacy in the wider community.

The recruitment company’s founder, Joel Hides, an avid basketballer (along with his young family) and Golden State Warriors fan, was keen to associate with a club that shared its values.

“We are a Canberra-born company that prides itself on building relationships with not only our clients and candidates, but is also committed to contributing back to the communities in which we operate in. Even though we are growing and extending our reach beyond the ACT, we will always value our local connections.” he said.

“That local connection is something we see coming through strongly in the Rats club.”

Ginninderra Rats President Linda Muir said Emanate’s culture made it a good fit for the 45-year-old club, which has put 700 players (including more than 50 junior teams) on the court this season.

“We are a truly local club that has strong community values,” she said.

“Our aim is to make basketball accessible to anyone who wants to play and to instil a sense of belonging both on and off the court.”

Linda said the sponsorship agreement would enable the club to develop opportunities for basketballers of all ages and abilities, along with pathways for them to continue in the game.

A common interest: Basketball

  • The Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club has been hooping in Canberra since 1977. Rats is one of the largest and most successful local clubs, helping almost 700 people get on the court in 2022, including more than 50 junior teams.
  • Emanate Technology founder Joel Hides is an avid hoopster from way back, a big Golden State fan and the father of kids who share his love of the game.

A common goal: Building relationships and community

  • As a local volunteer-driven club, Ginninderra Rats values community and wants to provide the best experience for players, coaches and volunteers. The aim is to creates a sense of fun and belonging both on and away from the court.
  • Emanate Technology is a Canberra-born tech recruitment business (with presence in Brisbane and Melbourne) that takes pride in its culture of building relationships with its clients and candidates to achieve results. Committed to contributing back to the communities in which it operates in, Emanate Technology also is a long-term sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House, and the Canberra Rusty Rebels touch football club.

A common benefit: Growth, development and accessibility

  • As Principal Partner of the Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club for the coming three years, Emanate Technology will be aligned with a local club that not only continues to grow in membership numbers but shares its values of community and relationship building.
  • This partnership with Emanate will support the continued development and growth of the Rats club, including its ability to make the sport accessible for all and to ensure that it can continue to provide pathways for players to stay involved in the game.

A common commitment: More than logos and messages

  • As Rats’ Principal Partner, Emanate will be prominently displayed on Senior Premier uniforms (from 2023), online and at various Ginninderra Rats club events.
  • The partnership will extend beyond basketball, however: Emanate will also provide an annual scholarship to support a female Rats player undertaking education or training in information technology, while also working with the club to explore ways in which the IT literacy of our whole community can be enhanced.