Emanate has helped 1000s of tech contractors over the years, from project services and digital to data, cyber security and more.

The world of tech contracting has changed rapidly over the last decade or so, with contracting becoming a favoured employment type for people all across Australia and the rest of the world. It’s pretty easy to see why. With greater flexibility, career development, inflated hourly/daily rates, not to mention the opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of different projects and cultures, contracting has become a viable long-term career option for so many people. But to keep those contracts coming, you want to partner with a contract tech recruiter that can feed you a steady stream of projects that tick all your boxes. That’s where we can help.

Emanate has helped 1000s of tech contractors over the years, from project services and digital to data, cyber security and more. Whether you’re just starting out your contract journey or are a career contractor, have a chat to your local team about how we can support you throughout your contract journey.

On top of all that, as an Emanate contractor, you’ll benefit from our state-of-the-art back-office platform (we wouldn’t be a true tech recruiter if we didn’t embed technology into our own processes). Helping to make your life a little easier, its benefits include:

  • Ability to run payroll fortnightly or monthly
  • Flexible salary packaging, including car leasing options
  • Electronic timesheets and payslips

We also have a dedicated Contractor Care Manager. From timesheet approvals and extensions to all those random queries, you’ve got one point of contact for anything you might need throughout the duration of your contract.

Looking for a specialist tech recruiter? Let’s get started. Chat to our Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne-based teams for all your technology recruitment-related needs.

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How to market yourself, understanding your market plus more – tips for a successful career as an IT professional.

Like a little bonus?

Refer a successful candidate to Emanate Technology & receive a $500 voucher.

If your mates are anything like you, we want to get to know them through our refer a friend programme. As long as they are successful in finding their next contract role through us, we’ll give you a little bonus to the value of $500! We’ll let you in on a little secret…they don’t even have to be your friend. Send us your next-door neighbour, your sister or even your pet cat (please don’t) – if they’ve got the skills, we definitely want an intro.

Before you go, make sure you check out the T&Cs.

  • Candidate must be successful in securing a role with Emanate Technology Pty Ltd and complete a minimum three-month contract term or minimum six months in a permanent role.
  • Referred candidate must be identifi­ed as a new candidate to the Emanate Technology business, therefore this offer is not eligible for referred candidates who currently exist on the Emanate Technology database.
  • A $500 voucher will be offered to the referring person only after the completion of the referral program’s qualifying periods (as above).
  • A $500 voucher value cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • A maximum of two (2) $500 vouchers can be claimed by any one person over a 12-month period.
  • Candidates who are referred and placed under a payroll only service are ineligible

Our commitment to candidates:

  • Emanate Technology will take time to understand the criteria that candidates use to assess new opportunities
  • We won’t sit back and wait for the right opportunity to land on our desks. We’ll work with candidates to come up with a list of organisations that match their criteria and then proactively market them to those organisations
  • We will coach and prepare candidates throughout the interview and offer process to ensure they have the best possible chance to secure the right role

  • We will get back to candidates with feedback post interviews and always be transparent and available
  • We will use our in depth market knowledge to provide candidates the level of market intelligence and advice they require in making important career decisions
  • We will provide excellent customer service and consistent follow-up

Candidates are the lifeblood of our business, without them there are no clients. At Emanate Technology we take the time to understand our candidate’s skills and motivations and coach them throughout the recruitment process to best prepare them for a successful outcome.

Interview Tips


Do your research

Learn as much as possible about the company including its products and services, financial information, position in the market, values and clients. It is a great idea to check out the latest news about the company and subtly drop it in to conversation to show you’re up to date and well researched.

It also helps to know the background of the interviewer, check LinkedIn and run a google search. This will help develop an understanding of their experience level and what might be important to them.


Take stock of your skills and goals and how they apply to the position you are seeking. Formulate answers to potential queries that incorporate and emphasise your particular strengths and abilities. Think about what you can offer the company that will make you indispensable?

What, Why & Impact

Be prepared to provide examples of your relevant experiences. Most organisations use a behavioural or situational interview technique where they are looking for you to succinctly provide examples of what you did, why you did it (not because I was told to!) and what the impact was. It is also powerful to describe what you would do differently next time.

Questions for the Interviewer

Properly applied questions allow you to learn more about the opportunity and the degree to which it matches your ambitions. Intelligent and appropriate questioning also enables you to demonstrate your knowledge and suitability for the role, leaving the employer with a strong impression of your talents and interest in the opportunity. It is always a good idea to close out the interview by asking something to the effect of, “Based on our discussion today, do you have any reservations about my capabilities to perform this role?” This gives you one last opportunity to overcome any potential assumptions the interviewer may have made.

Questions from the Interviewer

Clearly it is not possible to have responses ready for all subjects. However, there are standard queries that appear in virtually all interview. These may include: Why do you want the role? What are your reasons for leaving recent roles or, why are you looking to leave your current role? How would you describe yourself? What are your weaknesses? What motivates you?

What to wear?

In recent years there has been a shift in standard corporate attire – try to match the business attire of the organisation if possible. When in doubt, best to over dress and be on the conservative side.

What to take?

Make certain to bring a pen, paper and extra copies of your resume – you may end up talking with more individuals than anticipated.


First impression

A firm handshake, eye contact and a friendly disposition go a long way. Make a point of smiling, it’s easy! Always attempt a little bit of small talk, perhaps about something you’ve picked up in your research or ever just chat about the weather. You’ll quickly get a feel for whether the interviewer wants to get straight down to business or not, you’ll need to feel that out.


Gently control the course of the interview as much as possible without appearing overly confident. Listen carefully to the questions asked by the interviewer and answer succinctly. Don’t be afraid to ask a question to clarify a question, it can buy you some time to formulate your answer. Be honest as well, don’t attempt to fluff your way through and answer it way off the mark, this usually comes off a lot worse than being straight down the line.

Motivation & Enthusiasm

Without coming across over keen, if the interview is going well and you like what you hear about the role, let the interviewer know that you want the role and are confident that you can add value to the organisation. Project an image of confidence and energy!


Do not broach the subject of money yourself. Doing so may lead the employer to believe that your motivations are purely financially focused.


After you have asked your questions it’s always good to ascertain the next steps in the process and likely timelines. You want to walk out of there knowing exactly where you stand.

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