Emanate IT Talent Insights Report 2020 - Brisbane & Canberra


The Australian IT industry is evolving at a rapid rate, and keeping up with the latest trends is vital for making the right decisions for your business or career.

Whether you’re an employer wanting to benchmark your business against its peers or a prospective employee figuring out where your skills fall within the wider industry, our 2020 Inside IT Reports will provide the up-to-date insights you need to move forward. With separate editions for the Brisbane and Canberra markets, each resource details key demographic, diversity, growth and movement trends specific to your region.

Download the reports to get insider information on:

  • The advancement of gender diversity in the IT sector and the areas where work still needs to be done
  • How IT salaries have increased over the past 12 months
  • Key job trends and the top skills in demand right now
  • The rate at which people are relocating to Brisbane and Canberra for new opportunities


And so much more! Click below to access your free copies of the Canberra and Brisbane Inside IT Reports for 2020.



    Inside IT Report CanberraInside IT Report Brisbane  
    Download the Inside IT Report – Canberra    Download the Inside IT Report- Brisbane